Extruded aluminum profile for all industries

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Promotion systems


TATPROF aluminum profile is used in different promotion systems as a frame for inner and outer systems. The use of aluminum guarantees lightness and at the same time structural strength, aesthetics and precise assembly.

We produce profile for ventilation equipment from high-strength alloy, and by additional heat treatment, we receive necessary mechanical properties.

Having optimal weight ranges, equipment using an aluminum profile withstands severe loads both during installation and during long-term operation in open-air and aggressive environments. High durability of the material and corrosion resistance can significantly increase the service life. And small weight and ease of working with the material can significantly increase the speed of structures assembly.

Our warranties:

  • Guarantee of geometric accuracy provided by advanced technology and equipment
  • Laboratory surface quality control

Our Advantages:

  • reliability and delivery terms from 14-21 days
  • best price offer now and in the long-term conditions
  • pricing formula is unprecedented in the Russian market by its transparency and predictability

Delivery terms:

  • minimum order from 250 kg
  • advance payment of 70%