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Balcony glazing MP-640v2 (pillar outside)

MP-640Series Version 2.0 is designed for glazing of balconies and recessed balconies in dwelling, public buildings both with installation on a parapet, and for integrated glazing in the opening and for suspended integrated glazing of building facades

The main parameters used in the development of MP-640 series version 2.0:
- low cost of the finished product;
- simplicity, ease of manufacture and installation;
- compliance of the product with current regulatory documents;
- standard (typical) dimensions of dwelling building openings in height and dimensions of the casements.

The MP-640 series version 2.0 includes the following products:
• stained-glass windows (facades);
• windows;
• balcony frames

MP-640 series version 2.0 is equipped with:
• sealers based on EPDM (ethylene-propylene rubbers) and TEP (thermoplastic elastomers)
• rubber type 1b GOST 30778-2001 “Sealing gaskets from elastomeric materials for window and door packages. Technical specifications";
• PVC plastic products - GOST 30673-2013 “Polyvinyl chloride profiles for window and door packages. Technical specifications";
• fasteners: made of galvanized and stainless steel

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