TATPROF solutions allow to realize the most challenging ideas of architects


This series is designed to create entrance units, stained-glass windows, suspended facades, door and window packages in accordance with regulatory documents:

  • SNiP 2.03.06 “Aluminum structures”
  • GOST 22233-2001 “Extruded aluminum profiles for transparent enclosure structures”
  • GOST 25116-82 “Doors made of aluminum alloys for public buildings”
  • GOST 21519-2003 “Window packages made of aluminum alloys”
  • GOST 23747-88 “Doors made of aluminum alloys”

Distinctive Features

The 45 Series without thermalbreak is the most technologically advanced assembly of the items using modern angle and Т-shape connectors. Through the use of them the angle structure is assembled using dowel pins and angle crimping machine. T-shaped connection of profiles is carried out by turning the latches in the connectors.

To assemble structures it is required minimal processing for door structures:

  • punch or drill holes for angle fixing screws;
  • cut out the grooves at the same time to install the lock and cylinder.

Detachable casement fastener that does not require profile processing for installation. Detachable profile of the bottom door ledge doesn’t require processing of casement pillars. They completely cover their edges, due to this air doesn’t enter into pillar chambers. Door design allows using extruded embedded cut-to-size components (without milling) for angle fastening by crimping or using dowel pins.

It is also possible to use extruded embedded part for dowel pin fastening of imposts. The doorsill can be replaced in operation without dismantling the structure.

The 45 Series has several doorsill sizes for various operating conditions. Window series 45 has a base size of 45 mm for the frame and 53 mm for casements. The basic profiles of the series are divided into three standard sizes in height: 25 mm, 36 mm and 52 mm, which helps to optimize the projects under development.

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